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Is Therapy Right for Me and Common Myths

Many times I have heard the stigma that can be associated with therapy and counselling. Hearing statements of ignorance or a lack of understanding, and compassion can really be derailing especially if you're already feeling vulnerable, and it took every shroud of humility and courage to reach out.

Well, if this is you you're not alone. and if this isn't you, that's ok too! Every single person is unique and has different needs. One thing to highlight, is maybe some common myths about therapy.

  1. Therapy does not aim to "fix" you because despite what you may believe or have even been told, you are not broken.

  2. It is a process that takes time and commitment, there is no magic want that makes problems go away however together we can have the courage to face our fears and approach our problems with new light.

  3. Your therapist is not going to passively sit there and say "yes. I see, how do you feel about that?"Therapists aim to actively engage their clients in a dynamic relationship that is first and foremost built on TRUST. This can be a really critical experience for those who feel they have trust issues and difficulty opening up. Allowing this to happen in a safe space can really allow the client to experience safety and validation.

  4. It is not about advice or telling you what they think you should do. Rather, it is more guiding you and using your own strengths to find solutions from within through collaboration.

  5. Not all therapist are the same! There is no "sacred text" that we read from. The idea that if you've heard one thing one time from someone and you didn't agree with it or didn't connect with your therapist then therapy is not for you then I am sorry to hear. The reality is, every therapist will have their own unique approach that may or may not suit you. and that's ok, try someone new! Most if not all offer free consults, so you should "shop" for a therapist as you would for a good, reliable comfortable shoe!

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